Ever wondered if you could illustrate a book?

Why not give it a go?


I have started a Flickr page and I am working alongside a Derbyshire poet I have added one of her poems that, I believe, could be a superb children’s book –  it just needs the right illustrations.

If you have never illustrated a book, you probably have doubts as to where to start.

Everyone works differently, so as a general guide:  I like to begin by sketching out the scenes – a bit like a storyboard – and then I work on character sheets so I know that the continuity of characters will flow throughout the book. Then I will choose my favourite scene and really have fun and play. Generally I come up with 4 or 5 different versions of the same scene and then amalgamate the best bits of each… that’s when I have a style for the story.

So what should you upload onto the Flickr page?

That is entirely up to you! I would be very interested to see your working drawings, sketches and book layouts, as much as I want to see a finished scene.

Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Please join the group and have a go.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If I like your work and working ethics (and you want a job as an illustrator) I may choose, with your permission, to add you as a freelance illustrator.


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